What's New in the Fashion Zoo for 2019?

With a new fashion year upon us, many are scrolling through the countless articles on what will be the latest and greatest fashion trends.  We're going to narrow it down a bit so it's a little less complicated (and a bit more realistic) for most of our loyal shoppers. 

1. Trust Your Animal Instincts - We honestly wouldn't mention a "zoo" unless we had good reason!  Animal prints are coming back (did they ever really leave though?), so dig around the back of your closet to find that leopard or zebra and add them back into your lineup.  Not a big fan of a full print?  Find a nice animal print scarf or belt to bring you into the fold without taking you too far out of your comfort zone!


2. Follow the Yellow Brick Fabric - This year you are likely to see a lot of styles trending with a variety of yellow shades.  From spring and summer's marigolds, to mustard or "antique" hues coming in the fall and winter, there should be a piece of shiny new gold for everyone to add to their closet this year.


3. Neon Lights Are Shining - Speaking of colors that draw the eye, yellow isn't the only thing that will be brightening up your wardrobe this year.  Neon is back, brighter than ever, and will keep even the dreariest rainy day from bringing you down.  Just think... "If it's bright, it's 'right'!"


4. Fit to Be Tie Dyed - Peace out?  No... peace IN!  Tie dye is coming back with a frenzy, but with some unique shapes and styles.  In fact, you can probably just wear anything that is multi-colored and patterned and you'll hit the mark.  Variety is the spice of life, so spice up your color choices by wearing the whole color wheel at once!


5. Holier Than Thou - Ahh yes, crochet.  One of my personal favorites has returned, and is perfect for the spring and summer months!  Most of these fabrics will be light and stylish, offering a reprieve from the heat while making sure you look cool and breezy.


Honorable Mention: Bicycle Shorts (whaaat...?!) - Yes, really!  Many fashion articles and photo spreads are showing models wearing bicycle (or possibly skinny leg Bermuda) shorts in various styles.  They're not just for getting exercise anymore, they are also apparently great with a blazer!  While Janet's doesn't currently carry any of these in stock, we do carry jackets and tops that would compliment the trend, so stop in and show us your shorts, and we'll find them a mate or two! 

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog, and if you have any questions or would like to add some of these latest trends to your closet, stop in and we'll be happy to help!

Shelley Ford - Janet's Fashions Staff

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